​Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) is required for an individual who is a spouse or a dependent who is not entitled to an SSN. A classic example are family members of an individual coming to the US on H1 visa.

As a Certified Acceptance Agent, I can help with the process of applying for ITIN.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. A determination is made if the spouse and/or dependents of a client are eligible for ITIN.
  2. Client provides passport copies of all individuals for whom ITIN is required.
  3. Documentation is prepared for ITIN application.
  4. Client is required to present the original passports of all ITIN applicants to me for identification purposes.
  5. Tax returns are prepared to show all ITIN applicants on the return.
  6. Uditi files the ITIN application and the tax returns.

Clients can also choose to submit all documents at an IRS center of their choice. They will be required to carry the following to the IRS center:

  1. ITIN application and tax returns – signed and dated.
  2. Original passports and copies for all individuals who need ITIN
  3. Photo Id of the client.
  4. Copy of W-2
  5. All individuals, who need ITIN, have to accompany the client to the IRS center.

Most IRS centers require you to take an appointment.

Very Important:

Recent changes require all ITINs applications to be submitted on Apr 15 after the end of the fiscal year.